We think you should be taking the highest quality hemp supplements. Which is why that’s the only thing we make. Here are nine reasons you can trust the quality of Charlotte’s Web hemp extract with CBD:

  1.  We rigorously test our soil before planting because -- through a process called phytoremediation-- hemp will pull up toxins through its roots where it stores or transforms any pollutants that could be in the soil. That’s why clean soil is non-negotiable and step one in ensuring a quality extract.

  2. Our non-GMO hemp is grown on American family farms.

  3. Our 250,000 plants are tended by hand, the way Mother Nature intended. We don’t take the easy route in our quality controls.

  4. Every water source we use for our soil and plants is tested multiple times a year to ensure they're free from harmful microbes and bacteria.

  5. We test our hemp every five days during harvest season so that it is processed precisely when its phytochemical profile meets our standards.

  6. Bottle to bottle, our products are consistent. The only way we can ensure unquestionable consistency is by using some of the highest quality standards and meticulous processing.

  7. Our products are manufactured in our own FDA regulated manufacturing facility.

  8. Charlotte’s Web was awarded a 98.9% rating in a voluntary audit of our current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

  9. And to go even further, we’re a proud member of the American Herbal of the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA).

Over these years, we’ve earned your trust because we do the hard work to do so.  

*HBJ, The CBD Report: 2018 Industry Outlook


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