Everyday Plus Hemp Oil

Approx. 25 mg hemp extract per 1 mL serving
$74.99 - $188.99

Everyday Plus Hemp Oil is boosted 2 x stronger than Everyday Hemp Oil and helps to address more specific wellness issues.

  • Realm of Caring Approved
  • USA Grown Hemp and Manufactured in the USA.
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Everyday Plus will help you to:

  • Fortify your body and mind with the benefits of cannabinoids

  • Target moderate changes in health

  • Strengthen a foundation of overall wellness

CW™ proudly donates to further the research on how cannabinoids may positively impact Diabetes, Migraines, Pain, Inflammation, Anxiety, Alzheimer's, CTE and others.

Taking Everyday Plus:

  • This hemp extract oil can be taken orally or added to your favorite smoothie, salad dressing, coffee, you name it!

  • Enjoy 1mL of Everyday Plus twice daily. The 30 mL dropper holds .5mL and the 100mL dropper holds 1mL.

For maximum results:

Follow the suggested servings

Take consistently

Choose the right strength

Your biochemistry is unique. If needed, step up to the next strength until you reached the desired goals.

20 Reviews

Helpful for pain reduction and improved mood

I had a rotator cuff repair surgery a while back and still suffer from discomfort that keeps me from being able to do all of my normal activities and the discomfort also keeps me up at night sometimes. This oil was recommended to me as the best to try first and it has been very helpful. I highly recommend it for relief. It does not make you feel high at all and it does noticeably reduce discomfort which I can say makes me a much happier person. Thank you so much for creating this product!

Has helped me sleep better

I've noticed a better quality sleep when I take the oil before bed. I woke up feeling rested but not groggy. I'd definitely keep taking it.

2 doses

I have been taking different meds for different issues. I ordered this product got it yesterday took some to sleep and took another does before i went to work and it lasted 13 hours before I started to hurt. I have been using another product that only last about 6 hours before needing more. It's worth the price only thing would change is to put a mart on dropper for the dosage

Immediately felt better

I struggle with mild-anxiety, even though I take medication. I started the Everyday Plus a few weeks ago and I feel great. My anxiety has been minimal and I'm able to sleep more soundly than I have ever slept. Wonderful product!!!

Mint Choc

The product tastes good and goes down smoothly. I would take this supplement again.

Good start

I am interested in the calming potential in CBD. After 10 days of taking CW Hemp Oil, I am definitely sleeping more soundly. Also seem to be less anxious during the day. Have reordered the stronger concentration (Advanced). Good start so far!

.everyday pkus hamo oil

Great product. I've used it for a while now. Would definately recommend.

amazing stuff. Helps with my sleep and my anxiety. Love the health benefits.

Finally found this cbd CW by the Stanley Brothers . Wish it wasn't so expensive tho.Work well and makes me more calm, helps anxiety, and helps me sleep thru the nite. Since in menopause was having difficulty falling asleep & sleeping thru the nite. Now I sleep so good that I don't want to even get up in the morning. Thank you Stanley Brothers. Is there a cheaper way of purchasing, like a membership or something. I know that bulk is available but I mean cheaper cost even when you buy one bottle?

Life changing!

I have been challenged by a sleep/movement disorder for 18 years which required medication that made me too drowsy to function. After so many years the medication was no longer effective. My primary care doctor suggested CBD oil. I did my research and chose CW Everyday Plus. I cannot say how amazingly different I feel to be able to sleep through the night with no movement, and to wake up without the draggy feeling I have felt for nearly two decades! This has been truly life changing for me...I feel like I have my life back!!


This is helping with my inflammation, great taste.


I am slowly working up to a full dose but so far I have less inflammation and an overall increased feeling of well being and calmness - so I sleep better.


This has changed my daughter's life. Love it.

This has changed my daughter's life. Love it.

The taste of mint chocolate is great

The taste is great, very settle compared to other cbd oils i tried but did not help me with my nerve pains or muscle spasms. I will try a higher cbd mg.

Game Changer

I cried the first time I tried this product. I can't believe how much this helps me.

Great find.

I am so happy this is available!


Great for inflammation and general mood enhancement.

Good results

I am mixing 1/2 Everyday and 1/2 Everyday Plus each time for my grandson and it is doing well but he is also still taking seizure pills.
I hope to be able at some time to get him on just the oil and away from the pill side effects.

overall general well-being

This product has helped give me more of a sense of general well-being and calm.

All good so far

So far, nothing negative to share. On the positive side, I am sleeping a little better and seem a little happier.

I am going to order more and up my dosage.

Thank you CW Hemp and Realm of Caring!

Thank you

Amazing product. I expected wonderful quality, but am so impressed.

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