CW Paws Hemp Oil Extract For Pets 100mL

CW Paws Hemp Oil

For your pup's daily wellness
$74.99 - $188.99 each

Healthy pets, happy humans!
Care for your dogs and pets from the inside out with whole-plant cannabinoids specifically developed with your furry family member in mind.

  • USA Grown Hemp and Manufactured in the USA.
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CW Paws is safe and natural and will help pets to:

  • Maintain cognitive function

  • Assist normal hip and joint mobility

  • Support the immune system

  • Bring about a sense of calm

  • Aid the digestive tract

  • Sustain blood sugar levels

Taking CW Paws:

  • This hemp extract oil can be taken orally or added to your pets favorite food.

  • Paws 30 mL and 100mL servings vary with dog weight.

So Simple

Recommended Serving: One serving twice daily.
Shake well. Mix into your pet's food or add drops directly to mouth.

under 25lbs

up to 1/4 mL

25 - 75lbs

1/4-1/2 mL

75+ lbs

1/2-1 mL

5 Reviews

Good Results

I have been giving CW Paws to my 11 year old doberman for three weeks now. He has inflammation in his shoulders and rear. He gets acupuncture treatments every two to three weeks and that has been helping, but I wanted to see if he would also benefit from CBD's. When we go to the vet for his treatments, she scans him with a thermo imagining devise that shows images of his body on a laptop, You can clearly see the areas of inflammation and compare from the previous visit. After using the CW Paws his images showed marked improvement in the inflammation in both his shoulders and rear. I have also noticed that it is easier for him to get up from being seated or laying down. His reaction to thunder storms has also been lessened. I'm very pleased with the results.

Great product

My dog has very bad allergies and dandruff as a result. I have to give him medicated baths every week. A few days taking CW Paws and his dandruff greatly improved! Remarkable product!

Great product for my senior dog.

Started my 16 year old dog who has canine doggie dementia and would bark and howl every time he lost sight of me in the house on the every day oil and noticed improvement in his mild anxiety. Then we started on the CW PAWS which further relieved his stress and he is now able to sleep while I take a shower or go to the store. He is not groggy or "hung over" when he is awake and we go for a walk or take a drive where he will actually fall asleep in his booster seat . Thank you for improving his quality of life.

Great product for reactive dogs

CW Paws has been a wonderful supplement for my reactive dog Daisy Mae. She suffered trauma in her first year before I rescued her and it resulted in her being a severely reactive dog which if you don't know what that is you're lucky. I give her CW Paws, B vitamins, Fish oil, and valerian twice a day and I know it works because when she either doesn't eat her dinner or breakfast or we are somewhere else at mealtime her behavior is significantly different. It doesn't eliminate her reactive behaviors but it's significantly reduces them. I chose CW Paws particularly as a product after a lot of research because they share the amount of milligrams of CBD you get per milliliter which is almost unprecedented in the field, everyone is very proprietary and I found that openness refreshing. I do hope the price goes down, it is quite a lot to afford on a monthly basis but I have found it to be more than worth it.

Love CW!!!

I love all of CW products. I appreciate the consistency and safety of the products as well. Will be starting to use it with my dog Ebony who has suffered with seizures and joint issues.

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