5280 Hemp Infused Coffee

Elevate your morning routine

This is not your regular ol’ corner shop cup of Joe. We’re elevating your morning coffee ritual by infusing Snow Street Coffee’s flavorful 5280 blend with 500 mg of CW’s whole-plant hemp extract with cannabinoids!

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Besides your morning boost and improved focus, you’ll get a powerful combination of:

  • Antioxidants found in both coffee and hemp extract oil

  • Neuroprotection from CW proprietary hemp genetics

  • High-quality MCT coconut oil

  • Medium-roasted beans from the Central American highlands

Enjoying 5280 Hemp Infused Coffee

  • For the best flavor and results, grind fresh and consider using a French Press as your brewing method.

  • For enhanced results, pair with your favorite Everyday oil. Drop the oil directly in each cup of coffee, stir and enjoy!

  • Available in a 12oz resealable bag with 500mg of Charlotte's Web hemp extract.

4 Reviews

I'd give it 5 stars if it wasn't for the cost

Excellent flavor and was wired more than usual. I would drink this daily if it wasn't for the $50 price tag, IMO a fair price is around $30. I will most likely blend this in with my normal coffee beans so it lasts longer.

Great flavor, especially with local honey for sweetening!

Tried this for the first time today. Robust, but not overpowering flavor. Loved it!


Wonderful tasting coffee. I definitely don't regret buying a bag. Now, the cost is pretty high. It might be justifyable if it was $25 or $30 compared to $50. It's really good tasting and the CBD content is pretty balanced I think. My bag probably lasted about 2-3 weeks with almost daily drinking. If you are replacing regular trips to buy $5 coffee every morning, then you could probably justify the cost.

Fantastic cup of coffee. I use half and half in my coffee and no sugar, so I don't know what it tastes like black or sweetened. I just know I love it.

Best cup of coffee I've ever had, but at $50 per 12 oz, it's pretty expensive.

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