Seven Brothers created Charlotte's Web to create a better future for their loved ones and families through the power of nature.
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Our name is our inspiration.
Your journey is unique. Our purpose is the same.
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Charlotte's Web is here to help you.
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Charlotte's Web is
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Crafted in Nature. Perfected by Science. Trusted by families.

CW Hemp is a family-owned Colorado company and the exclusive maker of Charlotte's Web, the World's Most Trusted Hemp Extract™.

Improving Life Naturally™

Truly amazing and I am now a loyal customer for life!

Dallas, Texas

This product has changed our lives significantly for the better. Charlotte’s Web™ has no side effects.

Stanton, California

I'm sold, this stuff is amazing.

Portland, Oregon

Charlotte's Story

Little Charlotte Figi had an experience that would send her and her family on a path that would change the world. Charlotte's parents thankfully discovered the Stanley Brothers who had developed proprietary hemp genetics. Together they created a hemp oil extract that they introduced to Charlotte's diet. Today, Charlotte is a nine-year-old who is thriving and enjoying life like every other child her age.

Charlotte recently completed her first full year of school in the second grade.

A young "fashionista" in the making, Charlotte has an affinity for foot fashion. Charlotte looks forward to her birthday shoe-shopping trip as much for the new pair of shoes as she does the chance to ride up and down the escalators.

"She is a girl through and through." - Paige Figi

Self-proclaimed modern artist Charlotte, wakes up each day and heads straight to her paint set.

Her masterpieces are influenced by her favorite color orange and the outdoor serenity that her home in Colorado provides.

Charlotte is happiest when she is outdoors. Charlotte looks forward to hiking to the lake next door to her house where she skips rocks across the water.