Everyday Advanced Hemp Oil

Approx. 50 mg hemp extract per 0.6mL serving
$149.99 - $274.99

Everyday Advanced Hemp Oil, our flagship product, is the best value at 8 x stronger than Everyday Hemp Oil. Everyday Advanced helps to address progressed wellness issues.

  • Realm of Caring Approved
  • USA Grown Hemp and Manufactured in the USA.
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Everyday Advanced will help you to:

  • Power your body and mind with the benefits of cannabinoids

  • Target more severe changes in health

  • Maintain a strong foundation of overall wellness

CW™ proudly donates to further the research on how cannabinoids may positively impact Diabetes, Migraines, Pain, Inflammation, Anxiety, Alzheimer's, CTE and others.

Taking Everyday Advanced:

  • This hemp extract oil can be taken orally or added to your favorite smoothie, salad dressing, coffee, you name it!

  • For Everyday Advanced, enjoy .6mL twice daily. It’s important to note that the large bottle of Everyday Advanced does not come with a dropper so you might want to pick up a syringe at your local pharmacy.

For maximum results:

Follow the suggested servings

Take consistently

Choose the right strength

Your biochemistry is unique. If needed, step up to the next strength until you reached the desired goals.

29 Reviews

Wonderful product

I've been taking Everyday Advanced for a month now and it helps with my neck pain. I am able to go back to work again. Thank you so much!


This Everyday Advanced Hemp Oil has helped improve the quality of my life. I have noticed a marked decrease in anxiousness and a reduction in mild inflammation.


The first week I started taking cbd, I had a significant change in my back pain. It has also helped with anxiety. I am totally satisfied with the products and company service.

I sleep now at night.

I have leg pain at night and have been unable to sleep. Now l sleep

It helps with pain and swelling.

This stuff does help with pain and swelling, have not touched a pharmaceutical in 4 years.


I have the most painful condition known to medical science. Nothing has worked for the pain, not even painkillers. CW Advanced greatly reduces the pain so I can make it through each day.

Love this product!

I took this about three months ago for a month and notice great results. Having stopped, just for a lack of reordering I noticed a huge difference. I started taking this for bone on bone pain and when on it, I hardly felt pain. I am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor- so with all of the wear and tear on my body, I realized what a difference this makes every day. After reading so many articles on the other positive affects this has on the body and on recovery, I am looking forward to staying on it!


We have been using everyday advanced hemp oil for 6 months now with our 11 year old daughter. Her mood has brightened and she has lessened anxiety. More importantly we have seen a decrease in seizure activity!

Worked same day

I started to look for alternatives meds due to side effects, as a pharmacist, the physiology of this caught my interest and after giving it a try I've been calm, able to listen and focus better throughout my day and had an immediate relief of my neck pain from tension. Will continue this indefinitely.

This product is better than any narcotic known to man

My daughter got up after 14 years in a bed receiving 24 care. I gave her the medical grade. It works right away. No high feeling and no bad side effects. I can't say enough good things about the product and the company. This has NO additives. Worth every penny. It gave me my daughter back.



Cant say enough about this product!

Been using for 3 mths. Mild inflammation and digestive issues have gotten much better.


Well I'm only on day four, taken 1 35mm capsule daily but let me tell you I have absolutely no doubt that it is doing something wonderful for me. I think I noticed on day 2 A fairly pronounced change, in my walking speed and my overall happiness...highly recommend

My first CBD experience, and I Love it!

I've only been taking the Everyday Advanced for 2.5 weeks. Immediately I was able to discontinue my HEAVY Indica concentrate use, and I wasn't even intending to do so, but I feel better not being baked 24/7. My sleep and memory seems to be better. I look forward to seeing continued improvements throughout.

It is a good product!

Use for back pain and other inflammation.

Great we use it for my son who has epilepsy and doose syndrome.

This is a great high quality product and the customer service is excellent.


doing a good job

Best around

Great customer service.

Excellent Results For My TBI

I am in recovery from a TBI. This product has helped me to combat my sleep deprivation. It calms me down and allows me to get better rest.

For depression and other things.

I have been severely depressed over the past year or so. Not to go into deatils
So. I started taking this product last December 2016. For me it took about a week
To notice anything. I have gone from basically clinically depressed to feeling ok about
Life in general. It's been a miracle for me compared to how I use to feel. And one day I forgot
To take and definitely noticed. I'm about to order another one now. I did share with my
Son and another friend also and they liked it too

Quality of Life has RETURNED

Simply Amazing absolutely nothing compares
My suggestion the 85/mg 3.5 fluid oz is your Best Buy

A patient of mine uses this for Cancer and it gives lots better relief than prescription drugs

A patient of mine uses this for Cancer and it gives lots better relief than prescription drugs! Great stuff ordering now for me..

Give to my daughter

I use this for my self and my daughter's seizures great product

Used product for MS flare up

When I have a flare up from MS the only option with my neurologist is to be admitted in the hospital for 5 days on a steroid infusion. I have an awful experience with that including the prednisone taper afterwards.
I bought this product to see if it would help me instead of using steroids. The flare up was causing my numbness and partial paralysis from the waist down. I went from needing a walker to using a cane in one day from using this product. It isn't a cure and neither are steroids but cbd oil is 1000% more pleasant to use than steroids.
I think that if I had been unable to walk, I would have done the steroids but definitely with this oil to counteract the horrible side effects I get from steroids.

Trying to avoid anti seizure meds

My husband was recently diagnosed with epilepsy. After researching the negative side effects of anti-seizure medicines he has decided to try CW. He is feeling positive about his future health, and looking forward to sharing his results.

It works for me

Using instead of pills for anti inflammatory. Works for me. If your thinking about trying it, just go for it.



Taste good

I have been taking the mint chocolate everyday advanced twice a day for two months now. It's easy to take and taste nice. Not what I expected. Pleasantly surprised.

Relieves pain

My dear ex mother in law has been diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer. This is the only thing that gives her relief. Thank you.

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